kim deschamps' solo CD

Take Me Away

1. Take Me Away (3:46) Play Stop
2. Love & War (4:35) Play Stop
3. I Gotta Know (2:51) Play Stop
4. For The Moment (4:11) Play Stop
5. Night Crossing (3:15) Play Stop
6. Loser Explains (3:52) Play Stop
7. My Best Advice (4:27) Play Stop
8. The Mirror (3:11) Play Stop
9. Drivin' in the Moonlight (4:38) Play Stop
10. Take Easy, Make Nice (2:37) Play Stop
11. Twenty Some Years (3:51) Play Stop
12. The Border (3:39) Play Stop

Manitunes Music CD #1103

Independent Solo Release, 1998


Produced by Scott Merritt and Kim Deschamps

Mixed and Mastered by Scott Merritt and Paul Inston


Al Cross w drums

John Borra w electric bass

Paul Inston w electric & acoustic bass, piano, tambourine

Scott Merritt w Hammond organ, reed organ, autoharp, tambourine

Kim Deschamps w vocals, guitar, pedal steel & lap steel guitars, bottleneck slide, Greenfield Hawaiian guitar, baritone guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, electric piano, bass


Recorded at The Cottage, Guelph, Ontario with Scott Merritt

Additional recordings at Catherine North with Glen Marshall, Christian Hollingshead and Chemical Sound with Darryl Smith

All songs by Kim Deschamps © & (P) 1998 Published by Manitunes Music / SOCAN